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I made this =D
Boredom at three in the morning made me>>
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Memememememememe from Vexen

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Today's springbreak, hoes!
And this spring break I plan to spend some quality time with the lovely Marluxia <3 Gearing up for uber gentlemanly-ness, bitches! XD

Those of you who have talked to me recently can probably ignore this post
I think this is more so that I can keep track of my own life a little.

For those of you who don't know, and so that I can keep up,
Screw looking for a Raoul for my Christine.
I'm looking for a Maureen for my Joanne XD

And yes, I've have gone back into a Rent/Moulin Rouge phase x-o lemme alone.
Well, I was finally badgered into it.
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=791955267 my facebook.
Rawr, to you who made me do it.
You know who you are.
Vincent and I got in a really bad fight yesterday...really bad.
I just can't take it anymore...I tried to fix it..she wouldn't let me. I...I don't know what to do, but...we're not together anymore and probably never will be again........
Only once have I 'cheated' on her, and I geniunly loved the other person, and I told her about it as soon as I found out I was in love...
I used to be abusive, not many of you probably believe it, but I used to be. Not in bed or anything, just...I used to hit, alot. And I slowly changed, I changed for her.
I've never done anything good for that woman. There is absolutely no reason for her to even still want to be friends with me.
As I said, I used to be abusive, I'm one of the most unstable people I know, I'm poor....I just have, and never had anything good to offer...
And shit, after everything I've put her through? I would fucking hate me.
...things would be so much easier right now if she just hated me.